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OHH! Friggin' Blog...

I've been swept away with life. Let me tell you. Doing everything from going to appointments, writing, conversations, cooking meals, adding back in walking, taking care of family, trying to

schedule me back into the family schedule, and more. I'm so sorry I neglected you my Blog. Oh, how I have missed you. I started, then paused. I get a creative rush being able to share, write, and let me feelings connect with others. I will not stop, but as needed I will take a break just because I can't split myself in four. Do you feel that way? To few hours to get everything done, yep. I have to put everything down and write, express, and exhale my friggin blog.

History making....Juneteenth signed into law as federal holiday, but we still have a long way

to go. Happy Belated Father's Day hope you could reunite, connect, or check-in on the special fathers and male figures in your world. Summer, summer where have you been my love? I am a summer time kinda gal. Palm trees, salty waves, wet sand, natural beauty of the sky, sounds of nature and all things beachy make me smile wider. #june2021 #juneteenth #fathersday #summer #break #time #life #family #write #balance #foodie #selfcare #priorities #fun

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