1Lion Diva
Heart of a Lion

I'm 1 Lion Diva battling, surviving, and living through this evolving thing called life with a sidekick, lupus. In my spoken-word piece, "Lion Diva Rises" I share my vivid raw experience. I walk with an invisible shield of empowerment ready to unleash it on this condition. By living a cause-driven existence I touch lives through my roar of advocacy using my voice, spreading positive motivational vibes, and encouraging people who are living with invisible conditions.


​Our collection of stories, poems, and merch is available at www.cwgla.org. Our branded books are Snapshots: Personal Narratives of the Community Writers Group of Los Angeles. Today, 3.13.22 click here to order Volume 7! Dropping Now! 100% of all proceeds benefit CWGLA 501(c)(3) to send high school students to college. Tell em' 1Lion Diva sent you!


Here's an excerpt from my piece:

"My nerves are intense

as I look over my shoulder

watching a predator 

follow me down the street


if I'll be attacked


"Lion Diva Rises", Snapshots Volume 6