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Heart of a Lion
1Lion Diva

In my spoken-word piece, "Lion Diva Rises," I share my vivid, raw experience. I'm 1 Lion Diva battling, surviving, and living through this evolving life with a sidekick, lupus. I walk with an invisible shield of empowerment, ready to unleash it on this condition. By living a cause-driven existence, I touch lives through my roar of advocacy using my voice and motivating others on their life paths.


Our collection of stories, poems, and merch is available at Our branded books are Snapshots: Personal Narratives of the Los Angeles Community Writers Group. Click here to order Volume 7 !

In Volume 7, I share my coming-of-age hair story, family traditions, and a call to action against hair laws in "Hair Chronicles." Order a copy to experience all of our writings. 100% of all proceeds benefit CWGLA 501(c)(3) to send high school students to college. Tell em' Lion Diva sent you!


Here's an excerpt from my lupus life:

"My nerves are intense

as I look over my shoulder

watching a predator 

follow me down the street


if I'll be attacked


"Lion Diva Rises", Snapshots Volume 6

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