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holiday gifting tips

Tis'the season for gift giving. Have you done your shopping yet? We're you done in the summer? Do you wait for the last-minute deals & steals, like Christmas Eve or the day After Christmas to do your gifting? However, you are giving be inspired! Have fun! Be thoughtful. Ask yourself is this what I want to open? If you can't keep it 100 (real) then you know to not gift it. It's cool to give experiences, handwritten notes, handmade crafts these options are always a classy choice. You do not have to break the bank!

4 Quick tips for a successful giving season:

  1. Find out what your loved one or friend likes and loves. Enlist a close friend or someone with the inside track. You can always, ASK!

  2. Don't send out the same Christmas card every year! Yawn! All those cute family pets or kids aren't always so cute to some so change it up, but keep it festive, light, or spiritual.

  3. Controversy! No household items for couples. No gift cards if they aren't hinting at that as a terrific gift. No promotional items from corporate meetings or recycling a gift with your name, YIKES!

  4. Create memories with each other! These will last longer than the day. Whether together via zoom, house party, or in-person be invested in the moments with each other.

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