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When you have arrived in your heart and aligned with your passion and you are so overwhelmed with joy! How does your circle of friends, colleagues, and family show up

for you? We give the benefit of the doubt to those we love & care for who we know are

parents, caregivers, have tough marriages or partnerships, dealing with illness or grief,

and more.

However, what happens when you aren't celebrated by someone you adore. When they're never available or around or have excuses to not participate in your joy, milestones, or life events virtually. Ouch or who cares? Are these red flags? Do you wonder why?

Do you ignore them or gaslight them? What would you do? Onward! Take your heart back.

Leave them at that place and get to stepping. You are magnificent. Please do not let the hurt

get you off your destiny. You will find people who vibe with you. You were meant to flourish!

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