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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Join me, the founder of LIWL FB group on Thursday nights on FB Live @Looms4lLupus to continue this conversation for help, healing, and hope. #conversation #mentalhealth #men

I want to share a few resources that you can tap into or you can share with others. I know it can be awkward to talk about mental health, depression, suicide and related conditions. However, if it helps someone, saves a life, and embraces someone in their space of need isn't it all worth it. Please be a listening ear and don't be dismissive or tell someone they are to strong to need help. Share. Be there. We can do this together. We are all human and life gets overwhelming so be present or simply share this. It's ok not to be ok, yet extend a helping hand or slow down and listen. #love #healing #help #minoritymentalhealth #mentalhealth #togetherness #unity #peace #human #light #healing #malevoices

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