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On December 31st

I use this day to reflect and express appreciation. What ritual do you practice on the last day of the year. It's 2022 for now. Looking back on the joys, challenges, and meh is a gift. We we're catastrophically challenged this year. Five of my relatives passed away unexpectedly. No long illnesses. It is numbing to process. Fighting cancer with my Mom and advocating on her behalf due to frailty and compounded illnesses has pushed all the limits I had out of the way to conquer this. Caregiving on turbo-boost! Joys of living, loving, and laughing when I could find it was my oxygen to make it though. This is why I value appreciation so much in my life.

I appreciate waking up. I appreciate waking up to care for my Mom. I appreciate finding my voice again when it was lost to devastation. I appreciate loving deeply. I appreciate reimagining my family. I appreciate letting go of those who still my energy and joy. I appreciate getting back up when my body wants to give out. I appreciate being able to heal internally. I appreciate being able to give back. I appreciate kindness 365. I appreciate recognizing my weaknesses. I appreciate un-learning emotional eating. I appreciate being filled with hope. I appreciate being able to share. What do you appreciate being? #yearend #appreciation #gratitude #vulnerable #reflection #intention #yourthoughts #celebrate #grieve #thatislife

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