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Interview Drop!

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Yes! Finally, after a long-awaited debut, my 2022 newly/current series called Voice of Overcomers|VOO is here. Wix made it happen on my site. I am thrilled. VOO is a candid series of engaging and fascinating interviews with Boss', thought makers, and provocative and moving conversations to heal, inform, and fuel you to the next plateau in life.

You can't miss out on it. You gotta watch it!

Our first Voice of our featured Overcomer is Yvette Salinas. Meeting Yvette, you feel her conviction and victory in life. As a third-generation lupus survivor who lost her dear relatives to lupus-related complications, she has been selected to share her story. You can also pick up a copy of her memoir, "Faith Leads the Way." Proceeds are donated to her nonprofit, JFM/Spiritual Medicine, to provide essential needs, medical, and personal expenses to those diagnosed with health problems. She is a Boss! Running her nonprofit her way. Watch her interview here! Now, this will motivate you for 2023 & beyond. Share this to help someone else or consider making a tax-deductible to her mission donation.

Send in your questions to our guest at Drop in and let me know your guest wish list. Help us tell stories that inspire.#stories #bosswoman #chronicillness #interview #givingback #motivation #dare

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