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How are you feeling?

This summer began with hope and optimism. I could feel it in the air. As I walked to my essential errands and tried to regain a sense of resuming my lifes' routine I heard drivers cranking up the music, people walking with a more relaxed posture, more eye contact and warmth peered over our masks and it felt amazing. I felt a collective sigh of relief. I stopped writing and doing other things that I enjoyed due to fatigue and worry slowly I have gotten my mojo or groove back. However, after the summer holidays Juneteenth and July 4th into late July-ish/August the Delta variant began to rise and spread across our country and the world. The unexpected change felt like a ton of bricks being piled back up. Someone swooped in and stole joy. The deck got stacked against humanity. It is all so hard to process, but I know we have made strides. How are you doing with this shift? Drop an emoji.

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