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Life's gotten hard. I see hope and the light breaking through, but it still is heavy. These days we're dealing with the Pandemic and the various strains that continue. Loss of life which is heart breaking along with loss of so much more. It has been a hard time. For my family it has been compounded by six words no one wants to hear. C-a-n-c-e-r! The tears have been flowing, many deep and personal prayers, and life has become crystallized even further. S**** and drama don't matter. I'm walking in a tunnel and simply trying to function. My world. Our lives have shifted like the earthquake rocking the equator. Unimaginable.

I will try to return to this space. My creativity has evaporated. My days and nights are spent providing around-the-clock care to my Mom, my Queen. Send us and anyone else who is battling any illness prayers, positivity, no judgment, pure love & listening. We need you as we fight for our lives!

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