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This Monday, July 18th, we'll share our authentic voice and experiences surviving and thriving with lupus. Years of dealing with the dread, celebrating our lives when we can, and giving back is our thing. In our personal memoirs, we have captured life with this condition as sister friends and tri-facilitators in Yvette's non-profit, Spiritual Medicine/Juicy Fruits Ministry. This year, we were finally able to make this discussion happen. We want to use what has brought us devastating pain and turn it into power by giving back to those living with chronic health conditions and college bound minority youth. Come out and hear our voices! If you know someone living with lupus or a caregiver, be a friend and share. Register for our Powerfully Intentional Zoom at:

This will be the first of many Authors with a Passion sessions we will have. #writers #lupus #chronicpain #lifehappens #storytelling #memoirs #givingback #lupuswareness #socal #patientadvocates

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