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AUTHOR DROP 8.18.22!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Yes, this Thursday! The first of a three-part series interview will be launching on our curated platform, Voices of Overcomers here or @empowering_pc. You can't miss this. Yvette's voice of courage is powerfully moving. Puts hope into your world. Gotta check it out!

Yvette Salinas living with lupus for 20+ years, a 3rd-generation survivor, will share her memoir in an exclusive interview with 1 Lion Diva about her heroic journey battling lupus and all of its complications in her memoir, Faith Leads the Way.

Watch our interview and interact with us by sending in your questions and thoughts. Yvette's story is warm, insightful, and life-saving in many ways. Discover how you can pivot in your life when facing insurmountable odds. Email questions to Yvette: or consider giving back: .

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