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weekly in july: join our FB LIVE

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

fb live @looms4lupus

Looms 4 Lupus x LIWL will be hosting the minority mental health series, thursdays at 6pm | pst. | sharing bold talk.

This series will open the door to a meaningful discussion on mental health for minority communities. Our offering is to reach out and show representation in the space of mental health so we can discuss the issues that are relevant, express our feelings, disparities, and everything in between. There's a need to be healed without shame or any stigma'. When we break our arm we go to a doctor. However, when we hurt in our mind there's hesitancy, disgrace, and fear about going to a therapist or psychiatrist. Why? We will address and explore the cultural, societal, and personal experiences along with providing you with accompanying worksheets. Each week will highlight various mental health needs, special guests, and resources to help heal our lives. Tell a friend or share this post. #conversations #minoritymentalhealth #healing #youarenotalone #togetherness #peace #mentalhealth #nostigma #menshealth #teenhealth #womenshealth #community #listening #livinglife

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